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Please indicate both your first and last name. If you are collaborating with multiple individuals, please only complete this form once.
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*Not mandatory. We will use this information to contact you with details regarding your event. If you have a Western phone number, please remember to include your extension.
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If this field is left blank, the default name will be Your Department Event (i.e. Student Success Centre Event)
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Give us a broad, conceptual idea of your event. This information will be evaluated by the review committee. Example 1: We will offer a drop-in style open house where a few staff members will be present to answer questions. We will have handouts available. We will be highlighting the following services: ___________________ Example 2: There will be a tour of our facility/space every hour (on the half hour). Example 3: We will offer a facilitated workshop on how to use the LTC.
Where is your event? *

Please indicate if it is on or off-campus, what building, and a room number if applicable.
When is your event? *

Events may be hosted at any time during the month of September, beginning after Orientation Week.  It is recommended that events take place between during regular business hours, but not starting earlier than 10:30am (as to increase student attendance). However, you are also more than welcome to run events on evenings & weekends, or early in the morning.
{{answer_52367660}} during what time? *

Your target audience:

If this field is left blank, the default will be ALL STUDENTS.  If you would like to specify that your event will cater to a specific subset of students (i.e. international students, engineering students), please let us know.
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